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Pulp Poetry

Scraps of fascination are the building blocks of an interesting life.

Free Will

We’re all the same and all unique. One of many of life’s great paradoxes. Though, it’s really only a paradox because of the limits of human language and perception. The differences I value in others comes from their different perceptions and experiences.

We cannot abandon those differences because that would be impossible. Those influences that shaped who you are aren’t the important part. Just you are. Giving allegiance to cultures, nations, parties, groups, cliques doesn’t help us grow, we do it out of a desire to have identity and acceptance.

Giving allegiance to things outside ourselves only limits ourselves and obscures the truth that we are all in this together. We each have our unique and different perspectives. Social constructs tries to make us all the same for the sake of order and control. We give up self-control instead of assuming self-control.

And yet we already are all the same in every way that matters. We have the same biology, physiology, and psychology, and a majority of the time those are at the core of our responses, only funneled and shaped and directed by culture, upbringing, and genetics.

I may not understand why someone loves or fears something because of cultural differences, but because I have the almost exactly the same hardware, I can always understand those feelings of love and fear. And through the common feelings I can learn more about them. Saying that it’s impossible to learn compassion for others is a blatant lie.

If I buy into that lie, then I can believe that there are some people who just can’t be reasoned with, some people who just can’t change, and some people this world might be better without. Then I’m no longer making my decisions. I’m now letting other people decide who is too different and who is okay. I’ve given up my self-control, which means I’ve given up free will.

Splitting and dualism

Dualism has been around for awhile, especially in eastern philosophy.

Dualism is the tendency to create a world view of separation. A common example is good vs evil.

Splitting is a recent sociology term. It refers to the tendency to split people into categories, such as racial stereotypes.

The philosophies of compassion and the sciences of life just keep developing closer together.

That’s why I have no doubt that our future is a bright one, despite the ugly set backs we experience - such as American racism seemingly on the rise this past week - where everything can seem so uncertain, and truly be heartbreaking, crushing, and dangerous when we only are able to look upon reality as individuals.

"No one deserves compassion and kindness…. You get with the program not because it is justified but because it is simply the nature of existence."
- Lazy Yogi

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Amazing poetry.

To This Day Project (by Shane Koyczan)

Lenticular Photo Used To Secretly Convey Hot Line Number To Abused Kids | DIYPhotography.net

Technology used to help.

Mormon Church Abandons Its Crusade Against Gay Marriage

Keep speaking out. Keep spreading information.

I had no idea Anne Hathaway was this awesome.

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"As long as you hate, there will be people to hate."
- George Harrison (via lazyyogi)

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

"The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.

"Here’s the best part. None of this is my opinion. This is grounded in human biology. Not psychology. Biology."

"The first argument I hear about tattoos is that they look ugly when you get old and skin gets saggy. But lets be honest, if you are still caught up in identifying with a beautiful physical appearance at that age, you have bigger problems than some ink on your flesh."