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Pulp Poetry

Scraps of fascination are the building blocks of an interesting life.

How Comcast Already Has Washington In Its Pocket

We just cool with this so stuff can be cheaper?

We get what we pay for.

Deciding that our right to pray and act trumps another person’s right to exist and thrive.

When profit is the end goal of an economic system, then restraint, freedom, equality, personal growth, human dignity, and quality of life are never more than a distant second place.

Limiting organized labor ensures those who can pay for labor remain in power.

Defunding education asserts more control on who is teaching, and what they are allowed to teach.

This nation was no longer a Christian nation when followers of the Prince of Peace decided war was the answer.

The war on Christmas started when children were bribed to be good in order to get material rewards.

What defines our morals is that we kill foreign children, not that we do it to protect our own.

By focusing law enforcement on the black market, the white market can run rampant.

Demanding the poor need to prove their worth turns people into commodities.