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Pulp Poetry

Scraps of fascination are the building blocks of an interesting life.

Prayer to A Kite
Oh, Great Green Kite!Lift me off this ground.This dirtThis sandClinging to everything.Lift me to the skyThe lightThe warmth.Let me be done with wet and cold.Please, lift me up!Your life is carefree.Mine is filled with worry.Teach me your saintly ways.How can I better myselfDown here?I’m too tempted to lieIn the mud.You’re majestyLet me be sublime.Dress me in resplendency, thoughI am simply a man.Oh please, take me up!Let your strength lift me!And we will flyAnywhere, anywhere, anywhere,Anywhere…

Prayer to A Kite

Oh, Great Green Kite!

Lift me off this ground.
This dirt
This sand
Clinging to everything.

Lift me to the sky
The light
The warmth.
Let me be done with wet and cold.

Please, lift me up!
Your life is carefree.
Mine is filled with worry.
Teach me your saintly ways.

How can I better myself
Down here?
I’m too tempted to lie
In the mud.

You’re majesty
Let me be sublime.
Dress me in resplendency, though
I am simply a man.

Oh please, take me up!
Let your strength lift me!
And we will fly
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere,