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Pulp Poetry

Scraps of fascination are the building blocks of an interesting life.

"Writer’s block is the first stone to the eighth wonder of the world."
- Stefansir (via stefansir)

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The healthy processing of grief and fear works best when those affected feel they are out of danger, Dr. Zeyada said. But that is impossible in Gaza as long as the larger conflict persists.

Sometimes, he said, he was troubled by the ethics of treating people who were likely to be traumatized again.

“You are,” he said, “like a prison doctor treating a victim of torture, making the prisoner healthy to be interrogated and tortured again.”


My cat likes to watch Adventure Time.

'Community' season 6 on Yahoo TV coming 'after Christmas' and not all at once      

Okay, Netflix. You have until Christmas to buy Yahoo.

""Weird Al" Yankovic - Tacky"

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Tacky:

"An artist is a creature driven by demons."
- Faulkner (via rararozz)

They party better than angels.  (via howitzerliterarysociety)

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There’s been a lot of talk said recently because I was supposed to have said something about Negroes should buy rifles. White people have been buying rifles all their lives. No commotion.

I have an editorial here. It says that we’re supposed to be organizing some kind of Negroes to arm themselves with rifles and shotguns for self-defense. America is based upon the right of people to organize in self-defense. This is in the Constitution of the United States; you read it for yourself. The Second Amendment to the Constitution spells out the right of people under this particular governmental system to have arms to defend themselves.

- Malcolm X on self-defense, 1964. (via disciplesofmalcolm)

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To The Woman In The Neon Green Bikini


to the woman
in the neon green bikini
at the water park

I’m trying not to stare
I’m looking everywhere but you
and I don’t want

to bother you
how would I talk with you
you are fifteen feet away

might as well be a crater
your son is playing next
to my son

maybe they’ll talk
then we can talk…

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